Ignorance is Strength

The law minister then suggested to Dr Thum that he had “breached a number of rules” with regard to academic historical processes, and that Dr Thum had “fallen completely through the standard of an objective historian”.

”Your views on communism, Operation Coldstore - which you have been repeating at multiple fora - are contradicted by the most reliable evidence. It ignores evidence which you don’t like, you ignore and suppress what is inconvenient and in your writings, you present quite an untrue picture,” Mr Shanmugam said.

Dr Thum disagreed to the suggestions and at multiple points during the session maintained his position as a historian who interprets historical evidence with nuances, instead of subjecting it to yes or no answers to Mr Shanmugam’s questions.

”I’m an academic, Mr Shanmugam, nuance is very important to the truth,” he said.

The two also disagreed on the reliability of various historical sources and documents as well as the definition of a “communist united front” in extended exchanges where numerous historical records were brought up and displayed.

I don't know about objectivity, man 🤷 but I'm thinking about incentives. One person here is more incentivised to produce accurate, insightful — and yes, objective — historical research, and it's not the Law Minister.