Who are you?

I'm Grace Teng. I’m from Singapore. I’m curious about the world, and maintain a particular interest in film, theatre, music, literature, languages, culture, society, economics, philosophy, psychology, technology — wait. Did I say “particular interest”?

This is my home on the internet, where my writing and my creative projects live, and where I’m working to find my audience.

If you really want to know more, see the Quick-Fire Facts below.

What do you do here?

Eclectic Commentary is a space where I explore the texts and ideas that most of us leave behind after we complete our formal education. Eclectic Commentary covers any and all the ground that we traditionally think of as the liberal arts.

Vox Singulae is a vocal playground where I make covers of songs with just one instrument: my voice. It’s adapted from a college assignment to create something using only my voice. It’s also a way for me to learn about music and to work towards mastering an instrument.

The as-yet-unnamed Podcast is where my co-host David and I explain things to each other. Some of these are things we’re each experts on, but most of the time we’re talking out of our asses.

Deep Travel is a different kind of travelogue. Instead of trying to rack up passport stamps and strike off bucket list items, Deep Travel focuses on acquiring an extensive knowledge of a place and a culture, in order to gain a fuller experience than most tourists ever get to see.

Collision Course is a collaboration with Mun Yi Cheng. Each of us chooses a different field or idea as a starting point, and we try to figure out some underlying structure or driving force that explains the nature of divergent fields. If this seems kind of vague and hand-wavy, I suggest checking out our first edition for a better idea of what Collision Course is about: Trend Forecasting x Horology

Language Rush is a blog about linguistics and the love of languages. I teach myself linguistics, and share what I know with other language and linguistics enthusiasts.

The Perpetual Garage Sale is an ongoing experiment. After a lifetime of accumulating more things than I need, I’m now trying to reduce the number of things I own. As part of this process, I want to reflect on the personal history of each of these objects, and arrive at a better understanding of economic and sentimental value.

You wouldn’t believe that after all the writing and talking I do here, I’ve got anything left to say — but I do. When that happens, I write about it on my blog.

Why .ninja?

It's memorable. And who doesn't aspire to be a ninja?

Quick-fire facts

Inspired by Wikipedia userboxes, here’s an overload of facts that may or may not help to provide a more complete picture of who I am and how I work.